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Arlo Wizzelteetz in the enigmatic learder of the group known as the Piss Creek Militia. Arlo lives in a compound on Piss Creek in upper East Tennessee. Arlo is famous for having the largest penis in recorded history. He is served by his right hand man and militia vice president, Uncle Hanker. Hanker is not Arlo's uncle. Wizzelteetz is not someone to be taken lightly and is considered an extremley dangerous person. When trecking through the Piss Creek area one must use extreme caution and flee immediatly if encountering Wizzelteetz or Hanker.
Arlo Wizzelteetz will soon be the leader of the "free" world.
Unknown creature in South Holston lake in East Tennessee. Lake nasties nibble on legs and toes. A lake nasties nibble feels uniquely different than that of the fish or other creatures living in the lake. Could possibly be some sort of mutated sewage beast.
Swaddley Ho used to have a penis before it was eaten by lake nasties.
The flabby skin hanging on the underside of the arm, beneath the bicep, of elderly or fat chicks.

Also the name of a fat ass talk show host of a show known as Redneck Roundup.
"When Juanita raised her hand to answer a question her squeetus waved erotically in the breeze."

"I like to put both arms together and fuck fat girls in their sqeetus."
Obese semi-human creature that lived on Ridgeway Rd. in East Tennessee. The Swaddley Ho is a pathological liar who attempts to make himself look cool but only succeeds in making itself look like a complete and total idiot. The Swaddley Ho is known to eat anything that crosses its path, including but not limited to small children and helpless elderly.Last know whereabouts of the Swaddley Ho was next door to the infamous Cap'n Sipher. Can be identified by the bragging of his little league batting average of over 1.000. The Swaddley Ho suffered numerous attacks by the "midnight bombings" of a group of vigilantie young kids who killed grass in his yard spelling "FAT" and filling his air conditioner with human urine.
Oh no, here comes the Swaddley Ho feeding on beef tripe and homosexual black penises.
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