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18 definitions by Buce

Sometimes, only a cigar.
Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar.--Freud
dari Buce Sabtu, 30 Juli 2005
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What men will settle for after whimpering and wheedling and begging. No confirmed sightings, probbly an urban legend.
Pity Sex Gladly Accepted --T-Shirt.
dari Buce Minggu, 17 Juli 2005
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The bane of the dean's existence. The parent who hovers and flaps his wings while the kid lives in his shadow. Particularly prevalent at high-priced colleges, where parents feel obliged (or entitled) to intervene on issues down to the candlepower of the lightbulbs.
Yes, helicopter parent, your intentions are good, but that rotor of yours is causing a din.--Felix Carroll, Albany Times Union, January 27, 2005
dari Buce Selasa, 30 Agustus 2005
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This phrase is worth noting precisely because it does not belong in this dictionary: it makes sense in a moral universe that has utterly vanished. The last "cad and bounder" died, perhaps, about 1947 (see London Daily Telegraph obituaries for further evidence).

Although they are appropriately linked, the precise meanings differ. A "cad" is one who does harm to a woman's honor or sense of self-worth as, for example, by taking her for a garden walk when he has no intention of marrying her. A "bounder" is a presumptious upstart, seemingly ignorant of, but perhaps merely indifferent to, fundamental norms of propriety.
You, sir, are a cad and a bounder.

A cad perhaps, but no bounder. My family goes back to William I.
dari Buce Selasa, 19 Juli 2005
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An inspirationally sculpted backside, often, though not inevitably, female--sufficiently compelling to disencumber the customer of his (sometimes her) money or good sense. In an golden age of amateurism, perhaps obsolete.
Put on your old grey bustle
And get out and hustle
For tomorrow the rent is due!

In the fields of clover
Let the boys look you over--
If you can't get five, take two.

dari Buce Jum'at, 01 Juli 2005
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Well, I thought it stood for "no further message"--something to add to the subject line to an email, when the subject line is the email, to save the recipient the nuisance of opening the, um, message. If it does not mean this, it should.
And the mule you road in on, NFM
dari Buce Jum'at, 29 Juli 2005
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Ah, not what you think. It means "to turn inside out."
Quit trying to evaginate me!
dari Buce Jum'at, 01 Juli 2005
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