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Just as it sounds. A girl or woman with a bearded clam and camel toe.
Last night I seen this strippers nasty clameltoe. It looked like she went through a meat grinder.
dari Cat Nip Senin, 26 September 2005
Bubba lashed the sewer last day, said it played an air cushion and made him very clammy and groggy. Went to his dinner table and got a turnip scud, scum was bellowing from that starship enterprise. I hate my parents they make me eat. Turkey soup ham coop glunch my head. You find an attack RJs pizzeria, shilla orchestra combined with trust company funds to make vancies.Mrs Martin is frustrated looking at the ceiling while lashing little imbreaded students. Joey L got gnarled and gnashed into turkey mesh. He punched it and got wired. Mr. Greaseman greased his hands and made a little car oil out of alittle elbow grease. Wicked smart clones of russ haynes invade by trespassing into a DZ discovery zone. Flip flip bunny hop beat box chop chop banana bop cant stop elmer fudd. Hall groupie todd the toad made a hazardous bankruptcy chard doiley blow in. I made a fiber hop a reduced porkchop. Merry go around antics are charred gopher cakes inside showboxes and eskimo pies. Anti-corn kernal rootbulb attracted infectious noninfectious fur cloaks. Dont try to steal froth from a janitors larva. Chunky waterfalls are button candies. Peanut brittle is getting jiggy with kaczor pubes. Snack attack is back with jack the crack, he got sacked!
Harry the little boy is very old. His legs are very harry and groggy. Glunch is the best i have ever had.
dari Cat Nip Kamis, 15 September 2005
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