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2 definitions by Chinky Park St Lover

A moderately large individual originating from Bearwood. Drinks Bud, sleeps with 52 year old australian ex strippers and is known for a smelly ellese.

An overall outstanding individual if a little receding.
Rocky Robin, teff,Perry.
dari Chinky Park St Lover Minggu, 29 Februari 2004
Bald, without helmet, roundhead muthafucka!
Mine got taken, now my Putz is in a jar somewhere!
Produces a nice ledge after years of masturbation, can give good clitoral pleasure when inverted
Bethells got a mushroom!
Say what?
Damn, rooms was robbed of his ambition when he was circumcised!!!!
dari Chinky Park St Lover Kamis, 04 Maret 2004