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1. Sphincter/anus/rectum
2. An annoying/abrasive person
3. My geography teacher
1. After sitting on that cold park bench for so long, his asshole was so numb he accidentally sh*t in his pants.
2. That guy is such an asshole!
3. My geography teacher is a pedophile/asshole.
dari IluvB123 Jumat, 04 Maret 2005
Something fun to laugh at. Usually found in raves, parties, and clubs, it is a girl with a face like the ass of a horse with a body to match, yet she is clad in provocative clothing and is slathered with tons of makeup with her hair done and manicures. Her look is often accompanied by garlands of expensive jewelry and she usually smells strongly of designer perfume.
You know you are looking at an ugly bitch trying to look pretty when you see a humanoid hippo-chimpanzee hybrid dressed in an off-the-shoulder J.Lo top that is tied up to reveal her hairy stomach and linty outie, a skin-tight leather micromini small enough to be a belt, and thigh-high 7" tall boots. Her face is often encrusted with a layer of makeup that fails to conceal the yellow-white tops of her dime-sized acne. Behavior includes, flirting, strutting "sexily," blowing kisses and batting eyelashes.

Guy: Look at that ugly bitch trying to look pretty!
Other Guy: Does she seriously think that see-through blouse if going to fool anyone?
Guy: *Barfs*
dari IluvB123 Kamis, 03 Maret 2005
Singer/guitarist of sucessful California band Green Day. Has a hot voice and, according to many including myself, looks to match.
Me: So how many Green Day songs do you know?
Teeny Bopper: Um... American Idiot... and... BLVD OF BROKEN DREAMS!
Me: So why are you spending $200 on concert tickets if you only know two songs?
Teeny Bopper: Cause Billie Joe Armstrong is so dreamy...
Me: Yeah... I know what you mean.
dari IluvB123 Jumat, 04 Maret 2005
A substance that comes in powdered, liquid, gel, or cream form and usually consists of talc, glitter, carnuba wax and parfum. Some forms of makeup include eyeshadow (colored powder usually containing glitter that is applied to eye area), lipstick (a solid stick of carnuba wax and pigment applied to lips), nail polish (a colored enamel-like paint that dries into a hard surface that is applied to nails), foundation/powder (goop and powder the same hue as human skin that is sponged and brushed onto face to hide imperfections), and lip gloss (a usually gel-like substance usually containing a shimmer powder that is applied to lips to give sheen). Many cosmetic companies include Clinique, Maybelline, Urban Decay, Jane and MAC.

Makeup is usually colored in different hues based on the type it is. Blue/silver is a common color for eyeshadow, while a range of red and pink (mimicking lips's natural color) are most commonly found in lipstick.
If you want a translation, makeup is a bunch of scented glitzy colored shit that some people apply to their ugly mug hoping it enhances their looks (usually fails) or just to be "girly."
Makeup is used most often by pre-teens, teeny boppers, whores, valley girls, metrosexuals, bloated old housewives, and in other words any other form of ditzy, stuck-up human being that goes to the mall more that 4-5 times a week, if often seen chewing Hubba Bubba bubblegum, and swoons over prettyboys (see pretty boy) like Justin Timberlake.

See ugly bitch trying to look pretty
Fugly girl: Hold on, I have to, like, apply my makeup.
Someone else: Um... you DO know that you look like a fugly bimbo with that shit on your face as well as off.

Fugly girl: I like this blue eyeshadow, it really brings out the color of my eyes. Do you think this purple-hued lipgloss will help enhance the natural pout of my luscious rose-toned lips?

Someone else: Whatever. Bitch.
dari IluvB123 Kamis, 03 Maret 2005
An asshole who believes that human beings were meant to be homosexual, that nature intented it that way, and spends his/her time kissing homosexual's asses on message boards.
Person 1: Wouldn't Jacob and Robert make a cute couple?
Person 2: But aren't they both guys?

Person 1: Who's best for Joey, Michelle or Susan?
Homophile: !@##$%%^^%, DANIEL WOULD YOU HOMOPHOBIC !@#@#
dari IluvB123 Kamis, 31 Maret 2005
Stupid, ugly ass shoes that people should STOP WEARING. Seriously, NO ONE wants to see your nasty feet! And if you are a guy that wears them you are, simply put, a fag.
Sandals are for dumbasses who think people want to see their stained, corn-ridden, yellow-toenailed feet.
dari IluvB123 Minggu, 24 April 2005
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