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a Verb.... i think
1.To fix or create anything with something totaly outragoues and unrelated.

2. To virtualy have no job and have crazy dangerous adventures.
For example..... create a bomb out of fertilizer, a car seat and tape. Fix a car with a rubber band, soda bottle, and gum.

Guy 1: dude my car broke down on the highway.....
Guy 2: what did you do?
Guy 1: I mcguyverd that bitch with shoe string and glue.
Guy 2: *tear* Mcguyver would be proud.... if he was real.....
dari Met Sympathizer Senin, 13 Februari 2006
The Proud mascot of the New York City Metropolitans. An extrememely popular baseball mascot seen in commercials, T.V shows and Movies. There is rumored to be a movie based on Mr.Mets life. From his tragic upbringing as a piece of raw hide... to his beginings in baseball as being a batting practice ball... to his eventual succes as being the most loveable mascot figure around. Comming in May 2006... "A Dance ontop of the dugout" Rated R
Guy 1: Mr. Met should take a bat to Jeters knee cap...
Guy 2: i totaly agree....

Dude: That Mr.Met movie so rocked.... especially when Mr.Met would turn green and start beating the shit outta everyone...
Dudette: Umm, I think Your thinking of the Hulk...
Dude: o... then what was the Mr.Met movie about
Dudette:when he said "say hello to my little friend" then shot and pissed on steinbreiner...rember? :-)
Dude: o yea!! That was way better than the hulk!

Martin: Mr.Met is my hero, he saved me from a burning building... as in im such a loser that i forgot how to run out of the house to safety.
dari Met Sympathizer Kamis, 23 Februari 2006
A scape-goat for the 1986 lost of the Boston Red Sox to the odviously superior New York Metropolitains. Mookie wilson (mets outfeilder)hit a soft easily catchable grounder down the 1st baseline. When to the unhappyness of many Bostonians he let the ball roll through his legs in a blunder that allowed the Mets win the 6th game of the 1986 world series. The Mets would later win the 7Th game and pull a major upset and become World Series Championship.
*my imitation of a boston fan during bill buckner's mistake* "hooooooooly shit what just happened?"



Guy1:dude, how could you pull such a buckner?
Guy2: The ball took a weird hop!
Guy1: dude, dont lie...

"I got it!!, opps.... no i dont..... how could I buckner such a play...."
dari Met Sympathizer Senin, 13 Februari 2006
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