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21 definitions by Nancy

Bad Teenage Mustache
That guy has a bad Stratknight, he should shave it off.
dari Nancy Jum'at, 19 September 2003
to complain constantly
He's always muligrubbing about something.
dari Nancy Jum'at, 10 September 2004
an adjective referring to a person who is happenin', someone who has it going on; woman/man of the hour
nancy yung is crackalakin!!
dari nancy Sabtu, 06 Maret 2004
A pet name for one a female's close chic friend.
"Hey, choola! What's going on?"
dari Nancy Selasa, 01 Maret 2005
the skin impression from wearing too tight of underwear, pants, etc
When I removed my tight pants, I saw a red and raised rubinski mark on my waist.
dari Nancy Jum'at, 19 September 2003
A strage term to refer to bees as.
Oh Shit! Get that Flying Rasin awaty from ME!
dari Nancy Kamis, 20 November 2003
What is the definition for stupid bad?

It's just something that's really cool.
That's stupid bad, yo.
dari nancy Kamis, 29 Januari 2004