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3 definitions by Pudges

Closly related to the infamous "tubgirl" site. If one goes to, you will withness a old-man threesome. One sucking dick and the other two making out. Possibly the most horrifing thing one man can ever witness.
Theirs this amazing porn site,
dari Pudges Kamis, 25 November 2004
This guy whos black, but looks oranage. He won't admit that his dad is white. He also has a ugly ass, pop-belly girlfriend Rodewald.
If my skin was any whiter, I'd pull a demetryous.
dari Pudges Kamis, 16 September 2004
A sick bastard from Barrington who bought child porn from overseas. He had four computers full of children ranging from the ages of 5-13 in lewd acts. But to top it off, he was a youth swim coach at Barrington High school.
I would totally pull a delcore on those Full House bitches.
dari Pudges Jum'at, 10 September 2004