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Any area where many extremely hot females stay, shop, socialize, and/or walk through. This area can usually be found in shopping malls and universities. Men of all ages who find this heaven on earth area can quite possibly achieve a raging erection, become wide-eyed, and/or forget all of his problems. Medical research has proven that, visiting this area on a daily basis will help you get over your ex-girlfriend(s), spark interests in women, forget any current girlfriends, and increase blood flow to your penis. May also be known as hard-on street.
1. David and his buddy, Gerardo, became speechless when they opened the doors and discovered the secret of "Hard-on Alley."

2. I always get a massive erection when I meet my girlfriend in hard-on alley.

3. Johnny looks forward to shopping with his ugly girlfriend in hopes that he will be able to walk through hard-on alley.

4. When Jimmy is sad, he always walks to hard-on alley to raise his spirits.

5. As he walked through hard-on alley, young Timmy discovered a lump in his pants for the first time in his life. A few seconds later, confusing feelings and questions filled his innocent brain.

6. My psychiatrist told me to go to hard-on alley to forget all my troubles. It's a Hakuna Matata place.

7. Pedro casually walked alone down hard-on alley and felt that the Gods in heaven would smile upon him and help him use his mojo toward the hot and often dangerous female creatures that surrounded him.

8. This isn't heaven! It's hard-on alley.

9. Hard-on alley is a great place to find and talk to chicas calientes.
dari SPIKYCLOUD Selasa, 23 Juni 2009
Anything that is extremely wonderful and exist only on Earth.
1. Heaven on earth is the area between my girlfriend's legs!

2. Hard-on alley is heaven on earth.

3. This quesadilla is heaven on earth.
dari SPIKYCLOUD Rabu, 24 Juni 2009
The season when a woman's breasts are made visible by wearing anything with a low-cut neckline. Usually in spring or summer when the temperature is higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also the time when young boys notice that girls in their seventh grade class have been growing breast during the winter.
1. Six more weeks till cleavage season.

2. It's cleavage season! Be careful when driving and be sure to keep you eyes on the road.

3. It's best to go to hard-on alley during cleavage season.
dari SPIKYCLOUD Kamis, 25 Juni 2009
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