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A boss who gives you promises about benefits, good pay, etc but once you're already under him / her, all these promises instantly turns into myth.

A boss who can evaluate you and the results are always negative.

A boss who talks more about "self-glorification" and always has the greatest story among his / her subordinates.

A great false hope provider.

A pathological liar.
Peter: My political boss gave me another 10,000 promises...
Mark: Lol! One of those is the "team leader" position right? That was centuries ago!

Luke: Hey John, Pat told me he'll give me a lot of projects this month!
John: Pat? Stop dreaming Luke. He's a political boss.
dari Spectre from above Senin, 19 April 2010
A person who always promise you something without the intention of making it real.

A person who always tell 'great stories' about him / herself where in fact they didn't actually happen OR they actually did but only 1% on the story is true.

A person who always have the same experience as your only that his / her experiences are more "extreme" than yours. So extreme to the point the they are already doubtful.

A 'professional' liar and a deceiver.
Goth: Hey Mike, boss said our company will give a salary increase next month!

Mike: Pfft! That undying draw? In your dreams.

. . .

Trisha: Jeff, I already slept with a Lion!

Jeff: Me too! But with Hyenas too!

Trisha: Wow! That's great! (...undying draw...)

. . .

PSA: Beware of Undying Draws offering you cheap products!
dari Spectre from above Selasa, 13 April 2010
When a company is no longer functional in terms of pay, benefits, growth, etc...

When the employees are starting to feel like it's time to leave and look for another company or job.

The starting stage of a crashing company.

Similar to Job Fair only that in Job Fail, people are already hired and they tend to go away.
Peter: Luke, do you have any vacancies in your company?
Luke: Yup. Why?
Peter: Our company is having a Job fail.

Mary: Where are you going Judas?
Judas: I'm gonna join the Job Fail.
dari Spectre from above Senin, 19 April 2010
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