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10 definitions by dwFirebolt99

n: A friend in which you are allowed sexual activity but no true relationship is invovled. Not a girlfriend or boyfriend.
The benefit is purely sexual. Not to be tied with feelings.
Jane and I are friends with benefits.
dari dwfirebolt99 Kamis, 03 Juni 2004
1400 300
n. a server in which people all over the world play games on. These are made by Blizzard Entertainment. Games such as Starcraft, Warcraft II, Diablo II, and Warcraft III;
I play Starcraft on
dari dwFirebolt99 Jum'at, 02 Juli 2004
231 37
A program that easily creates a VPN without any additional changes to the computer. Router and firewalls do not hinder its use.
Let's play SC on hamachi.
dari dwfirebolt99 Rabu, 15 Agustus 2007
29 8
n. One who tattles on others for drug use.
Person1: "What are you smoking?"
Person2: "Why should I tell you?"
Person1: "Come on, I'm not a narq!"
dari dwfirebolt99 Jum'at, 13 Mei 2005
27 17
The term "ggkthxnore" is a collection of online slang acronyms and shorthand:
"gg" - good game (sometimes signifies the one spoken to's defeat)
"k" - okay
"thx" - thanks
"no re" - no rematch (regame, replay, no repeats)
Person1: I'll admit it, I'm an idiot!
Person2: ggkthxnore
dari dwfirebolt99 Minggu, 01 Oktober 2006
5 4
Random burst of excitement.
Person1: Yay I WIN!
Person2: NYAR!
dari dwFirebolt99 Senin, 29 Agustus 2005
24 26
n. A legendary wing gundam pilot.
Me: Look it's LegacyWeapon
Him: Oh my god what's he doing?
Her: Did he just disappear...
Me: ...
dari dwfirebolt99 Senin, 01 November 2004
2 4