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3 definitions by ennervate

The sexual interaction between two men.
"Man, i'm going to make sweet mansechs to him tonight."
dari ennervate Rabu, 07 April 2004
17 8
A woman's boobs. Her titties. Her lady bumps. Deposits of fat and tissue on a woman's chest. Sometimes abnormally fat men have shirt cows.
Hoo baby I love them shirt cows!

"By the looks of those shirt cows I'll never go hungry!"
-Stewie, from Family Guy

Holy shitnuts, that guy as some major shirt cows!
dari ennervate Jum'at, 09 April 2004
5 2
Mathew Schwartz.
Who da SWAT master? Mathew Schwartz!
dari ennervate Rabu, 07 April 2004
11 36