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10 definitions by jigga

the coolest last name in the world
"why'd you vote for that karamchandani kid?"
"cuz that has got to be the most fucking cool last name in the world"
dari jigga Minggu, 30 Mei 2004
a dirty mexican
Hey, Jose dont be a Morice, go wash.
dari Jigga Selasa, 13 Mei 2003
A nigger with a small penis who loves to whack his cock through walls in order to make it bleed.
"I'm a nigger from the bronx bitch"
dari jigga Selasa, 04 Januari 2005
A matter of fecal (shit) that is usually dipersed through the ass... see fecal japan
Look at all that feces!

Man, thats some major feces!
dari Jigga Minggu, 27 April 2003
to sniff that yayo into your brain
I was gettin skeed with codine at steamers
dari Jigga Selasa, 01 Maret 2005
first used to say 20. And then got changed to pot and rims
U got some crazy dubs on ur whip.
dari jigga Rabu, 08 Oktober 2003
A black male carrying a concealed weapon.
Yo Tyrone, ol' Jerome be comin hee wit da shipment... he a packin careful.
dari jigga Jum'at, 09 Januari 2004