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5 definitions by prince pwnage

Playing games online is fun.. but if you have children in your game. it turns out to be the "World Rapping Contest"
Little billy was rapping on the mic.
So, i cut out his esophagus.. and hung him with it
dari prince pwnage Senin, 15 Maret 2004
1085 175
A person who likes to bid on the things they want at the last 5 or 2 minutes, total pricks who put down a million dollars so no one would win the auction.
Mr.Jones likes to bid on the last minutes,
Mr.Jones must die!
dari prince pwnage Senin, 15 Maret 2004
4 4
inserting your penis into a virgins vagaina or bum.
i taped her well last night. god i love virgins
dari prince pwnage Minggu, 28 Maret 2004
10 11
stupid, useless item that people wear, in society....... silly city folk...
mr.smith is a queerbag, he wears pants......
dari prince pwnage Minggu, 08 Agustus 2004
5 14
The biggest mother fuckers around. Fuck with them, they'll fuck you up..
I am samoan.
dari prince pwnage Senin, 15 Maret 2004
368 516