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BRET! THE HITMAN! HART! Second Generation Wrestling hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Is a son of Legendary "Stu Hart." His father, Stu and his wife Helen had 12 children; Smith, Bruce, Keith, Wayne, Dean, Ellie, Georgia, Bret, Allison, Ross, Diana & Owen. Diana would later go on to marry Davey Boy Smith or "The British Bulldog."

Bret Hart is simply the best who's ever graced the WWE ring, despite a small ego problem. His matches are as famous as was his hate for Shawn Micheals. Bret is an accomplished wrestler who wrestled form 1976 to 2001. In 1999 when his baby brother Owen died, he and Chris Beniot held a tribute match to his memory as they (Owen, Bret and Benoit) were Stu Hart Students, and during a hellacious match with Bill Goldberg, Bill attempted a Figure Four Leglock on a turn buckle, Bret's head hit the floor which would later turn out to be a career ending concussion which lead him to vacate the title and retired undefeated WCW Champion.
Bret Hart's Resumé.

5x Stampede International Tag Team titles w/Keith Hart (Four times) in November 1978 and January 1979, twice in 1980, and w/Leo Burke on June 29, 1982

2x Calgary Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight title in November 1978 and June 1979

6x Stampede North American Heavyweight title three in 1980 and June 26, 1982 and October 17, 1982 and May 3, 1983

2x WWF Tag Team titles w/Jim Neidhart onJanuary 26, 1987 and August 27, 1990 - Summerslam

2x WWF Intercontinental title August 26, 1991 - Summerslam and on April 5, 1992 = Wrestlemania 8 (Later he dropped the title to is brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith at Suvivor Series in Wembly Stadium in England)

2x WWF King of the Ring on September 7, 1991 (The first is non-televised and unofficial however the televised and official was June 13, 1993)

1994 Co-Royal Rumble Winner with Lex Luger on January 22, 1994

5x WWF Heavyweight title on October 12, 1992 at a house show, on March 20, 1994 - Wrestlemania 10, on November 19, 1995 - Survivor Series, defeating Steve Austin & Undertaker & Vader onFebruary 16, 1997 - In Your House PPV, on August 3, 1997 - Summerslam which lead him and Shawn Micheals to the Montreal "incident."

4x WCW United States Championship on July 20, 1998, on September 13, 1998, on November 30, 1998 on October 25, 1999);

1x WCW World Tag Team titles w/Bill Goldberg on December 9, 1999

2x WCW World Heavyweight title defeating Chris Benoit in a Tournament on November 21, 1999.However a match with Goldberg ended in a way Hart didn't like, therefore vacted the title and had rematch with Goldberg on December 20, 1999.
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When a skater jumps off a ledge, lets the board rotate vertically between his legs and Lands.
Fucking Punkwood Pusher Tony Hawk needs to Choad Rack himself.
dari taker Sabtu, 13 Mei 2006
1.) The opposite of a sixty-nine (69). When two people suck on each others's brown eye or anus or asshole.
Tom and Celine were so close that they freely 96'ed each other in public.
dari taker Sabtu, 13 Mei 2006
1.) Ficticious event
2.) Also see Rules of French War Fare
Being French is worst than being gay
dari Taker Selasa, 28 September 2004
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