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Commonly heard on high school and slightly less frequently college campuses;a not so clever fusion of nitwit; of low intelligence, and idiot; one who is mentally underdeveloped; sometimes seen spelled {nitwitiot};
The professor has difficulty separating the real brains in this class from the mere %s nitwidiots and suckups.
dari Michael McKain Senin, 06 Maret 2006

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and the ever popular a-hole half-wit idiot jerk nitwit synonyms: nerd twerp
This is a combination of nitwit and idiot, with both words indicating that someone is not to smart. I like the way the word sounds. If you put this as an equation it would be, feeble-minded+stupid=nitwidiot.
President Bush is a nitwidiot for going to war in Iraq.
dari robert brand Jum'at, 29 Juli 2005