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to get hurt in any way and get on the ground crying doing the worm and throwing things while freaking out on your friends that are there
Damn he started pulling a sean when i shot him in the eye with a nerf gun.
dari alexd757445 Jum'at, 25 Juli 2008

Kata-kata yang berkaitan dengan [pulling] a [sean]

emo problem relationships sean s/h/it always character double standard meanie not pulling s/he trippin
When one character, not necessarily named Sean, proclaims that s/h/it "needs more independence" and promptly slinks away,emotionally speaking, from the relationships. The devastation left in her/his wake is not always intentional
He's trippin' that you're pulling a sean? Why should s/he have a problem ?
dari dorkwithaknife Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008
To use improper grammar in a sentence and to have the spelling skills of a 5 year old.
Im pulling a Sean. Can you help me spell this word?
dari Francis303 Senin, 09 April 2007