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2 for 1's are when you wear boxers(shorts), then when you bend over it rides up your butt and its a thong.
Packet had some boxers on, then next thing I knew she bent over and it was a thong. I shouted 2 for 1's!! Wow did that make my day.
dari Speedeuphoria Jum'at, 30 Mei 2008

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2 Players out for the price of one.

In a five-man paintball tournament, if you are caught wiping a blatant hit, they pull a two-for-one. You and two other teammates are thrown out of that match.
Dude, you noob! That 2 for 1 cost us the tourny! OMG, I'm gonna kill you!
dari Bl33t Selasa, 25 Juli 2006