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A jackass; someone who is very stupid. Most likely on drugs.
5-Spot is such a douchebag
dari Andorox Senin, 24 Maret 2008

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10 spot 5er 5spot 5 spot beaner dark demon epicfail five spot haha its lol mullet smelly
a five dollar bill
Do you have a 5 spot availible?
dari The Return of Light Joker Senin, 26 Oktober 2009
A Mexican which can go to prison for two six month periods in one year and still finish the year with honours.

A 5-Spot normally goes to prison for raping little girls and kicking their head teachers face.

A 5-Spot usually has a horrible haircut, probably a mullet.

If you try to insult a 5-Spot, he will bring up the worst argument ever and get insanely arrogant.

If you ever encounter a 5-Spot hold your breath and cover your asshole, as it will stink and will be homosexual.
Haha, you're a failure 5-Spot.
dari Smore or Jack Jum'at, 23 Mei 2008