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A temporary case of spontaneous cerebral palsy anatomically specific to the hands and fingers caused by excessive binge drinking and a genetic predisposition towards being a Cheeseman. This condition inhibits the afflicted individual's fine motor skills and greatly enhances his overall goofiness.
" Check it out. That guy just tried to hug a girl and ended up dropping his drink and poking her in the eye. It's so sad when an otherwise fun night is ruined by chronic Cheese Hands."

"No, he's not actually retarded. He just finished off his fifth of Pepe Lopez and now he has Cheese Hands."

dari East Bridge Senin, 30 Maret 2009

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The hand that is saved (often during another simultaneous acitivity) for eating a cheesy (or an otherwise debri-creating) snack.
I was playing the Wii with my right hand, cause my left hand was my cheese hand.
dari R3J3CT & UG Jum'at, 10 April 2009