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the sweetest, bestest, nicest, sexiest, hottest, most loveable guy in the world.
Don is the loml and he rox my sox.
dari sweetiepie Jum'at, 22 April 2005
55 51
Slang for McDonald's, positive or negative connotation denoted by context.
Can I get the room key, that Don's is really screwin' me.
dari Phillip L. Kaplan Jum'at, 04 Juni 2004
3 1
When your friend is always calm, cool, and collected, when he watches and has it all planned out, and, most importantly, he holds his alcohol, he's the italian mobster don. The she is a dona
You see Toni always has a cool head? I'm glad i got that don with me
dari squanque Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013
2 0
A charismatic male with numerous women and has clout wherever he goes.
That guy Rajan is a don.
dari rajan Jum'at, 11 April 2003
50 48
(Verb)To be: Offensive, nasty, malicious, vicious, or bad-tempered.
Why are you being all Don to me? Go eat a snickers, you diva!
dari Original Gangster Corky Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012
4 4
Often used by the English, don is used to describe something that is cool or awesome. Example 1

It can also be used to describe positive emotions, such as excitement. Example 2
1. 'I got this new phone, it's don'

2. 'DON! Passed my driving test'
dari Louis 'Raccoon' Bone Jum'at, 16 Mei 2008
11 13
A midwestern slang term for McDonalds
Shan: Wow I'm really hungover I could go for some Dons nugs..
Ben: Donnssssssss
dari oldslavey Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010
14 17