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1. A cross between the rare Emo (Emonicisnoris Depressedenedcringoris) and the rare Nerd (Nerdlicirous Sublimeirouscoolismsatisgoodgoodis). Usually characterized by a head of dark and matted soft hair that does not yet cover 2/5 of the face, but is pretty damn close. The extremely elusive Emnerdo (Emerdogoodgodgodislousis Emnerdolisis) wears unpopular clothing that nonetheless looks alright.

Medium-Small to Oh-My-Freaking-God in height, the Emnerdo usually participates in some forms of physical activity, one of the characteristics that makes it differ from Emos and Nerds. Such activities include competitive swimming, European football (soccer, as the Emnerdo feels that football may result in serious brain injury, resulting in a greatly feared loss of wit and intelect) track, working out, walking, and taking part in gym. This results in an even toned swimmer's body.

The Emnerdo takes the Nerd's inteligence, and the Emo's sour mood. The Emnerdo is not constantly depressed like the Emo, but does get enraged easily, and in turn, depressed for short periods of time. The Emnerdo is very protective and will be easily provoked to physical violence if need be. Although the Emnerdo is well suited to a physical battle, they prefer to use wits and cunning to their advantage. They prefer to use their swimmer's body to a sly and sneaky point of view, as it is better suited to that purpose. For example: In a fight, the Emnerdo will fake a blow to the right, poke the eyes and then deliver a swift kick to the crotch, then continue to kick them when they keel over.

The Emnerdo has many friends and has good family relations, its allies being from many different social classes. It has little problem atracting potential mates and lovers, and it uses this advantage to wield a sarcatic demeanor that is quite charming.

2. Emnerdo is also a Mexican steroid.
1. Yo, my Emnerdo! What's goin' on? How are you doin' man?

2. Mexican: "Here is the Emnerdo senoir. It top quality, si? We get top pharmacist in Mexico City for you. IT is good stuff. Make you real strong, really small-balled. Eh? Eh?"
dari Alexander Poniz Rabu, 23 Februari 2005