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Going crazy, nuts or insane. Going to town on. Out of control.
I messed up in class today and when my Mom found out, she started going ape shit on my ass!
dari Kastl11 Jum'at, 14 November 2008
47 8
Going Crazy after something happend
Person 1: Taylor lautner and Taylor swift are dating
Person 2: yeah I know did you see what is going on Facebook their fans are going ape shit
dari PizzaPie2_3_4 Rabu, 26 Maret 2014
2 1
The act of dropping your pants to your ankles, and shitting in a standing formation whilst screaming profanities and waving your hands above your head in a fit of rage.
Pandafight was charged for opening the refridgerator at the hotel this weekend, and we he was going ape shit.
dari burnadettexo Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011
10 22