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A county located in the western portion of north/central New Jersey. It is the wealthiest county in the country based on it's median household income of $79,888. While New Jersey may have a bad repuation for being full of factories and bad smells, this county is far from any of that. There are rolling hills and scenic farms inbetween it's mostly "small" towns. The more populous towns include Raritan Township/Flemington, Clinton Township, and Whitehouse Station.

Hunterdon County is an excellent place to raise a family with Blue Ribbon High Schools such as Hunterdon Central Regional High School. There is also plenty to do like dining in Lambertville, shopping at the Liberty Village Outlet Center in Flemington, wine tasting in Ringoes, or a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful landscapes.
Living in Hunterdon County makes you forget that cities like Newark exist.

Why don't we go to Hunterdon County today?
dari thehc Jumat, 28 Oktober 2005
A recent study showed that Hunterdon County, New Jersey is in the top three wealthiest county in the United States. People think that all of the kids in this county believe that they're black and from the ghetto which actually isn't true. Yeah, a bunch of the kids think they're all-that because they're rich and spoiled or whatever, but not everyone thinks that they are black. Some major parties go on here, also, since all of their parents think that they're all good kids. Wanna have some amazing parties? Just visit Hunterdon County for a few days.
Hunterdon County is a place where all the rich bitches live to throw some sick parties.
dari XOpartyrockerOX Minggu, 04 September 2011
Contray to who posted above me, HC is actually number 4 on the wealthy scale in the US, and number one in NJ as of a recent 2008 publishing by Forbes magazine with an average household income over over $90,000. Better luck next year Somerset and Morris.
Hunterdon County... the REAL new jersey
dari T. Sage Kamis, 25 September 2008
Boring, conservative, white-collar county in New Jersey where all the rich white kids think they are from Camden or Newark.

A place that is deviod of anything fun or exciting, aside from drugs.
"I live in Hunterdon County, and I think I'm black!"

"That club is a Hunterdon County. It's fucking lame but I get some great weed there!"
dari SatanicYoda Selasa, 06 Desember 2005
Actually, Hunterdon County is the 8th richest county in the nation, behind Sommerset AND Morris County which is 4th and 5th.

Just like HC peeps to provide false info!
Here is the REAL list:

#1 teton county, wyoming (average adjusted household gross income $107,694 in 2002)
#2 fairfield county, connecticut
#3 marin county, california
#4 sommerset county, new jersey
#5 morris county, new jersey
#6 clear creek county, colorado
#7 douglas county, colorado
#8 hunterdon county, new jersey
#9 westchester county, new york
#10 new york, new york
dari Mike Deter Rabu, 08 Maret 2006
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