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1. A way to announce your departure. Short for I is out; it involves being ignant on purpose because gramatically it should be "I am out".

2. Can be used at the end of a txt conversation.
1. Alright guys, it's getting late, I's out.

2. Rose: I'll talk to you later, I's out.
Niesz: Peace.
dari Niesz Minggu, 05 November 2006

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ignant i'm departing i'm gone i'm jetting i'm leaving i'm outta here
A way of saying good-bye.
Bring your index and middle finger on your right hand (never left) to your chest and tap your chest lightly. Then bring your hand away, making the peace motion with you two fingers while saying "Is Out" Kind of like
Peace out Do all of this very quickly.
Jane: Well I'll see ya later Jill.
Jill: Ok is out *Does motions*
dari Dagona Senin, 26 Maret 2007