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the act of helping; help; hand; aid; assistance; relief.
in ref. to any type of help, aid, or relief-regardless spiritually, survival, emergency, disaster, stress, distress, depression, homelessness, aspirations, goals, or one's sexuality, etc., etc., etc..
dari BAQI JACKSON Selasa, 15 Juli 2003

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arabesque balance leggie one-leg balancing pirouette stand
When someone purposely avoids consuming alcohol in order to stay sober enough to impress women and hopefully win over the affections of a woman; the woman will look upon the male friends of this person as simply uncouth drunkards!
Hey Soup Can, why don't you try drinking that beer instead of nursing it; everyone in this house is sick and tired of you getting a leg up night after night and stealing our pussy!
dari Fast Bobby Kamis, 23 September 2004