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A very amazing man with beautiful brown eyes who always knows what to say to make the one he loves smile. The one he loves is a very lucky person considering they have the most amazing person to live. He is one of a kind. Always looking for an adventure. Pretty much everyone loves him. And no one dares mess with his girl unless they're ready to be bitched at. It's the most adorable thing ever. He has the most gorgeous smile and when his arms are around you there is no where in the world you'd rather be. when he loves someone they know it. He is so amazing. And he knows it.
"Dang, Malachi is amazing."
#malachi #love #gorgeous #adventureous #amazing
dari Skittlemonster Sabtu, 10 September 2011
An amazing guy that pretty much knows how to have fun and he is pretty awesome and REALLY smart once you get to know him. He is a guy you can never figure out until you get real close. You practically search the whole area when he is gone worrying about him, and when you find him its a relief to everything. You love him with alll your heart and you want to keep loving him but because you don't want to lose him is why you never made a alot of moves afraid of embarrasment or him leaving you. Even though he has strange mannerisms it's something to love because it's special :) He is funny and pretty good looking if you ask me. He makes you melt with his hug and hand, and hes the type of guy you always want more of. The only actual strange thing is his muteness and his strange girly addiction. But if you push everything aside there is a shining diamond that in lovers eyes is too valuable to let someone else have. And even though you probably haven't even said 2 words to the guy, based on everything he does makes you know he is the right guy. Anyone who didn't get to know him better will regret it.

Dont ever make the mistake the mistake of letting him go,
like I did.
You see that tall guy, hunched over, and sleepy eyes. Hes not some mysterious, strange habit freak who likes colorful horses.Hes not what you think, he is just having a bad day. But did you know he can open your heart without even touching it? That's a Malachi guy.
#malachi #special #awesome #guy #colorful ponys
dari Randalandom person Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012
v. 1. to have an unfair advantage over one's opponent. (see 'bumrush')
2. to overwhelm an opponent with one's allies.

adj. one who is peforming an act of malachi on another.

Background: US sitcom 'Happy Days' episode #64 'Fonzie Loves Pinky' - The Malachi Brothers were a demolition derby team who perfected a method of demolishing an opponent's car by ramming into it with both of their car's simultaeously. This was known as 'The Malachi Crunch."
1. Yo man, those muthafuckas pulled a malachi on me and broke my ribs.

2. We goin' ta malachi those busters. There's two of them and three of us.
dari Jack Boxx Kamis, 16 Desember 2004
Beautiful blonde/brown hair, pretty eyes, a well-built body and a bubbly personality. Malachi is pretty smart, and does football, basketball, and snowboarding. He appreciates his friends and likes messing with people. He is loyal and doesn't take shit from nobody. When he doesn't like someone he isn't afraid to admit it, and he tries not to get involved in any fights. Pretty much hangs out with everyone and likes to spend time with his family. He has goals and he doesn't like to hurt people mentally or physically. He is gorgeous and amazing. He's Malachi.
Girl: Damn he's hot. Who is that?
Girl #2: He's Malachi!
#beautiful #hot #nice #amazing #athletic
dari hot77 Rabu, 23 Oktober 2013
a strong young name. that brings joy to friends and the one's he loves, once u fall in love with him theirs no turning back u cant resist his hotness athletic body, your going to want to feel under his shirt, trust me i KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!! he makes girls feel freaky/turned on, around him specially the first one that loved him, they will not stop thinking about him. and will not dreaming about sleeping with him.
malachi is a lion/tiger in bed!!!!!!!!
#sexy #funny #hot #strong #sporty
dari harry-styleslover Minggu, 18 Mei 2014
A person who manages to continually harm his body by getting into ridiculous and easily avoidable situations. This can be done in vehicles, with household appliances, fire or explosions and any other socially retarded way. The key element is the refusal to go to a hospital or seek any medical attention or stop doing stupid shit.
Rico: Whats up man
Kowalski: Dude i stabbed myself with a tire iron jousting on motor scooters
Rico: Dude your being a real Malachi. Now lets get to the hospital, your bleeding profusely.
Kowaslki: Fuck you bro. Hospitals are for communists.
#barrett #idiotic #careful #malakai #malacai
dari PolarBarrett69 Kamis, 15 April 2010
An incredibly caring person, who has a love for pokemon, astonishingly blue eyes, plays lead guitar, and an amazing kisser. Will always have your back at whatever you do.
Dude that Malachi was awesome!!! :)
#malachi #malichi #mal #mali #pokemon
dari KPANDMT<3 Kamis, 04 Februari 2010
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