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An endearing term for when someone does something stupid, as you would.
Retarded like me!
My girl loves prank calling the neighbors, even though she's 30!
Me thinks she's me-tarded!
dari Dave Chick Rabu, 01 Oktober 2008

Kata-kata yang berkaitan dengan Me-tarded

differently abled metardation retarded special needs tarded
acknowledgeing your own idiocracy.
I am sooooo metarded for forgetting my birthday when ther is a party in my name
dari Exiene Selasa, 10 Juli 2012
The inability to efficiently utilize the Washington Metro, mainly due to unfamiliarity with mass transit systems.
Examples of Metarded including riding the travel several stops in the wrong direction, switching trains at the Arlington Cemetery stop, and frequently missing,"doors closing, step back," by 30 seconds or less.
dari Mrpresident1776 Rabu, 15 Februari 2012