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The process of dying a little inside when seeing someone attractive.
Rachael Katz+Max Cahn and no shirt= melting...nuff said
dari djkittykatzpur Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011
melting; to fall head over heels for a guy.
Girl 1:so hows it going with the guy?

Girl 2: his totally melting me
dari Ashx0x0x Jum'at, 06 Oktober 2006
When pharm drugs really work, you melt.
I just ate some flurazepam, now I'm fuc
k i ng

dari illusiondweller Jum'at, 14 Juli 2006
The remnants of a fountain soda when the ice has melted with existing liquid in the glass or cup creating a not-quite-water, not-quite-soda drink.
Friend 1: Hey, can I have some of your soda?
Friend 2: Sorry man, all that's left is the meltings.
dari MW Minggu, 21 Desember 2003
getting high off super dank weed that makes one appear to be melting.
Mr. "hey mary jane, are you melting tonight?"
M.J. "yeah!"
dari green bhudman Senin, 19 Mei 2008
Melting means moving to another city or area without a certain goal, the objective to stick around forever or knowledge about the duration of the stay.
Simon: "I'm going to live in vienna for some time."
Alba: "How long will you stay?"
Simon: "No idea, I'm just melting."
dari szadiamond Selasa, 22 September 2015
A roleplaying game internet term used to describe a person who gains many experience points in such a small amount of time.
I've been melting for only 2 days and I've gained 13 million experience points!
dari Alex Moosetafio Senin, 16 Juni 2008

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