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A place to go and read editorials inbetween Harry Potter book releases.
I had a sudden urge to a read Harry Potter book, so I went to and read some editorials to quell my cravings.
dari Janis Sabtu, 26 Februari 2005
The best Harry Potter website in the world. Is funny, but also a good place for HP updates.
Muggle 1: Mugglenet rocks!
Muggle 2: I totally agree!
dari Lenny Jum'at, 31 Desember 2004
A place for emo children, teens, and adults to gather, make other emo friends that they will consider their bestest friends and talk about the book Harry Potter, sex, drugs, death, anything that's interesting in there lives that they think is so bad.
Emo in #partyplace: I love mugglenet *cries*
Normal Kid in #partyplace: wtf? you stupid ass emo! this place is gay
dari d0rky Minggu, 16 Oktober 2005