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1. Word used to denote a retarded Asian person.

2. Pejorative term used toward an Asian person

3. A sterotypical Asian

Seok-Young, Flat-Face, Yellow-man
We don't need any more of those damned rice-patties coming to America.
dari Master-X Jum'at, 10 Desember 2004
16 9
A crusty jizz stain left on an article of clothing. Generally clothing worn in public.
1. Look at the ricepatty on that girl's back.

2. That dude has a huge ricepatty on his thigh.
dari aliasbob Senin, 07 Desember 2009
1 2
Having no nutritional value or worth, being utterly and completely useless but still portraying an instence of neededness
the manager at that car dealership gerald, is a straight up rice patty he dont know shit...
dari giordanic Kamis, 24 April 2008
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