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Eternal Joy, The Lady, The One, The Muse, Heaven, Rainbow Mom, Prosperity, Cloud 9, Mental Spirital and Emotional Orgasm, The Universe, The Guiding Light, The Bible book of life and beyond, Best Friend, Sister, ecstasy, bliss, smoothness, trust, respect, Music, Wisdom, Dancing, Wisedom, Warmth, My Soulmate...
I'm living Rinaliciously every second of my breathing life.
dari Ameyarineca Rabu, 03 Februari 2010
371 69
an insanely awesome person. means joy in hebrew.
an example is Rina from Delaware.
dari RinaCoolada Kamis, 27 Januari 2005
274 79
a person who is very loveable & caring they seem quiet but really r not they love all their m8z & care soooooooooooo much bout their b/f!!
Rina.H. from United Kingdom England London
dari Rina Jum'at, 25 Februari 2005
277 138
Kamikaze asian that will drown you in a sea of sarcasm and kick you in the face with crazy gymnastics.
The wild Rina stalks her prey, giving him a barrage of acrobatic kicks while suffocating him with harsh sarcasm.
dari nyan_cat Senin, 20 Juni 2011
52 23
a crazy girl usually filipino who likes gummy bears, basketball, and boys. super fun to be around and is obsessed with facebook.
I feel like such a Rina, all i wanna do is eat candy and stare at Adam Levine!!
dari thatbeeeotch Jum'at, 01 Juli 2011
25 34