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Sneezing Book Girl.
A girl who when holding a book and has to sneeze will hold the book up to her face sneeze in between the pages. Also keeps her coffee in a mason jar and brings it around with her.
Look it is SBG in never letting her borrow my book again.
dari Bromlol Rabu, 04 November 2009
18 9
Somali Bash Gang. Originating in Minnesota, the SBG likes to bash Somalians.
waddup basher? you tryin to go bash some somalians SBG
dari yeaa buddiiee Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010
16 8
sudden breast growth syndrome, in other words: the act of a persons breasts becoming larger
Bob: Looks like she has some SBGS going on over there.

Joe: Yes indeed!
dari DeltaSigma Kamis, 23 April 2009
0 1
S=Straight B=Bisexual G=Gay. Used to determine the sexuality of someone on an internet chat room. Usually to make sure they don't offend anyone
You: Hey!
Stranger: ASL?
You: 19 M US
Stranger: SBG?
You: S
dari sdfkjlsdfjnlsdf Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011
2 4
Sperm Burping Gutter Slut
That girl on the street looks like a SBGS.
dari Courtneyrox Selasa, 03 Februari 2009
0 2
Should be good
I've got a track race tomorrow, sbg.
dari neeltheelectriceel Selasa, 11 Januari 2011
2 5
Small Boob Girl.

She's actually not that bad looking. No, really. Well some people LIKE small boobs. So there.
SBG says Hi!
dari Zell Fze Selasa, 23 Februari 2010
3 6