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- Snapper Woffle (Snapperwoffle).

Code name for 'Sniper Rifle'.

The term is often used by peoples who spend most of their waking lives playing online first person shooters i.e. CS, Unreal Tournament, Halo etc. see FPS.
n00blet-1 : Dude, I got the Snapper Woffle!!!!. I'm going to PWN you all!!!!11!!!!1!

n00blet-2 : ROFLmao!

n00blet-3 : uber 7eet Hax0r, uber Snapper Woffle hax.

CS Announcer Man : HEADSHOT

n00blet-1 : Uber PWNAGE Rofl!
dari S. Ladavooch Minggu, 10 September 2006

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