A disease that is ravaging that land of the united states. Some say it is fake while others say that it is Obama's way to block up the border and stop the immigration of mexicans into america. (Even though he claims he is for opening the border)
While others blame former president bush saying that it is his fault that the mexicans created this disease because it is their revenge on us for not allowing them to cross the our lands.
Random Mexican 1:Damn essay im pissed off at them damn gringos for closing off the border

Random Mexican 2:Well homes what can we do

Random Mexican 3:Well them damn chinks came up with the bird flu.

Random Mexican 1:Damn pigs... wait, thats what we will call it. swine flu
dari +2 Kamis, 30 April 2009
Top Definition
Something blown far out of proportion by the media and the World Health Organization. It's just like the "normal" flu, excluding the fact that this swine flu does not currently have a vaccination.

The media fails to tell you that the only people who have died of this so-called "deadly" virus are:

1) Mexicans with terrible health care and terrible health in general who are living in close quarters.

2) Babies and old people

Note that anyone who has any remote knowledge on disease knows that these types of people die from the "normal" flu, and that the swine flu isn't some kind of deadly disease because it hasn't killed anyone that a normal sickness wouldn't have.

Also take note of the fact that hundreds of people have gotten sick in the United States alone, and yet all of these cases were called "mild". Know that all of these "mild" cases have occurred in adults and/or teenagers, who would not die from the "normal" flu.

What also is failed to be mentioned is the fact that a "Pandemic" is any disease that is spread worldwide. Thus, just because the swine flu is a pandemic doesn't mean we'll all die. The common cold is a pandemic, and no one goes around freaking out about that.

This is another phase in the "we're-all-gonna-die" angst in 50% of the human population. It'll pass by 2010.
It was once said that pigs will fly when we have a black President. Now we have the swine flu.
dari BlackTokyo Jumat, 01 Mei 2009
It's just the fucking flu.
Me: Riiight :|
dari yo!lyn Kamis, 30 April 2009
An influenza that (supposedly) originated in Mexico. Has potential to become an epidemic. And you thought Mexico had a border?
You're fucked.

Guy 1: Hey, let's go to Mexico and do drugs for the summer!
Guy 2: Awesome, I'll drive!
Guy 1: *cough*
Guy 2: *splutter*
*Swine Flu kills both*
dari tacomince Sabtu, 25 April 2009
1. The only thing other than mexicans that is now attempting to cross the US border in the millions.

2. What you accuse someone of having if u hear a cough.
CNN: the swine flu came from Mexico
The rest of America: No fuckin shit

Passenger 1: Cough*
Passenger 2: Bitch get the fuck out of here u gots the swine flu
Passenger 1: Ill swine flu ua ass if u dont get the fuck outta my face
dari I like sex with pigs Senin, 27 April 2009
Like the Bird Flu, but with a pig.
Do you have the Bird Flu?
No niggah, I got the Swine Flu.
dari nathenmckenzie Minggu, 26 April 2009
1. The media's half-baked idea to cause the world to enter a state of complete pandemonium as a result of a lack of natural disasters (e.g. Red River flooding) to increase viewership or readership.

2. The government's plot to seek an alternative route to curing our economical situation by creating unnecessary drama in the field of pandemics that will supposedly spark a large creation of jobs in the cleaning product industry, and a trillion dollar profit margin, thanks in part to our gullibility as humans.

3. The hysterical hockey/soccer moms' excuse for contributing to the closing down of schools across the country, while students come into contact with one another more often outside of school than in school. Don't tell me kids are more susceptible to dying or being harmed from the swine flu as opposed to choking on a hot dog, getting hit in the head with a baseball, or falling off of a trampoline.

4. A future Michael Moore documentary that will be renamed "Pandemic Pandemonium".

5. A pandemic that will surely result in the mass hatred, execution, and genocide of pigs throughout the world.
"Oh, dear, Bob, you're experiencing a severe case of hysteria. That's a symptom! You better get yourself checked in!"

"Oh my, Bob, you look awfully run down. Are you sure you're alright?" *presses hands to cheeks* "SWINE FLU! EVERYBODY RUN!"

"Bob! They're evacuating the country to Mexico! Everyone's fleeing! This is not a drill! THIS IS A PANDEMIC!" *tornado siren* "Should I tell him that's where it originated? Nah..."
dari mariahneu Sabtu, 02 Mei 2009
A disease characterized by a high fever, a cough, and a strong desire to fuck in the mud.
Come over here baby, I've got the swine flu.
dari Farmer Dude Rabu, 06 Mei 2009
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