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When a person (usually an exotic entertainer) places an amount of glitter into his/her rectum and then flatulates a sparkling cloud onto another person. This service is usually performed for a fee in addition to the normal tip.
"Scott" got a unicorn kiss from the cowboy at Gloria's on his bachelor party, but he was so drunk, he still doesn't' know.
dari m24b Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011
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A unicorn kiss is where you get down on your hands and knees and tuck your dick back between your thighs. Your partner enters you anally with a strap-on attached to his\her forehead and gives you a blowjob at the same time.
What's your favorite sex act?
A unicorn kiss
dari jaNDSBOB Jum'at, 02 Maret 2012
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When you give ,said "unicorn" kisses on arm or head showing love and affection not just lust.
I like unicorn kisses on my birthday.
dari xxdontthinkbreathexx Senin, 13 Juni 2011
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