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This is the opening phrase to indicate that a fictitious story is to follow.
Girlfriend: Oh no you didn't, what is all that white stuff on your boxers... ain't from me brotha!
Lying ass nigga: What had happened was there was a fire at the club and the white stuff that come out the fire extingisher got all my boxers... cus you know baby, I sag a little bit. Then I was tryna get home to you cus I didn't wanna be out all night... and then I didn't have time to wash my boxers off.
dari MrsMcGhee2Your Jum'at, 11 Januari 2013

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this word means whats up or can be used simply to ask what happen.
love: what had happened meme
MEME: nothin much
dari kyle Love Selasa, 17 Oktober 2006