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A zedder is a person who makes their typing illegible and strives for an internet boyfriend/girlfriend. They tend to use alts in their writing and are generally idiot prats.

Zedders claim that their e-bf/gf is 'the one' and they will be together forever - however not only do they break up in about a week, they will never meet in real life.
Zedder: Iyahh Bbz Howshh Yooh >;]] Ishh Single Pringlee;;
dari srh spazz!!!! Selasa, 25 Maret 2008

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1. Zedder a person who tend to love people from the net they have never seen.

2. Someone who tends to put altered letters in there text
1. I love ken I met him on the internet

2. Zedder language: áéíóú
dari James Douglas Selasa, 28 Maret 2006