Top Definition
Means excellent, very good or cool.
Woah, that's a real belter!

Heh, what a belter!
dari the DustRoom Jumat, 21 Februari 2003
South African slang for a beautiful girl
Man, she is a belter
dari speedismyfriend Rabu, 19 Oktober 2005
slang for "idiots"
originated in dundee, but has spread to other parts of the UK
bloke from dundee: "would ya look a tha
em men tryna eat tha lampost!wa a bunch a belters!"
dari j gollick Kamis, 13 Juli 2006
A girl or woman who screams, shouts or moans loudly during sexual intercourse
She is a belter in bed
dari SculptedPrince Minggu, 26 Juni 2016
a hot sunny day, sunshine, hot weather
I think today is gonna be a belter
dari ikuo1 Sabtu, 17 Juni 2006
a literal doozy. pure topper man cheers
aye its a belter of a day!
dari boabyshambles Jumat, 02 Desember 2005
Sarcastic if thumb is put up
that was a belter of a goal (Y) (meaning it wasnt really)
dari John Fernie Rabu, 04 Juni 2003
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