An awesome player for the Vancouver Canucks who, me being a big fan of him and that team, I can admit that he fucked up bad and he wasn't thinking. He also deservedly paid the price for the incident, as did Steve Moore. This ugly incident will be all that he is remembered for outside of Vancouver for a long time, much like how Bill Buckner is mostly remembered for his error in the 1986 World Series.

Bertuzzi has emerged into a superstar in the NHL, and I hope he can be reinstated after all this trial bullshit and lockout crap ends. I still proudly wear his jersey, much like a lot of people in my city.
All true Canucks fans proclaim "Free Bertuzzi!"

When Bertuzzi gets booed when the Canucks play in Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, or Colorado, I actually think it's great and it fires him up.
dari ThreeTimesOneMinusOne Senin, 06 Desember 2004
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Declared the best power forward in the NHL by peers, one who sticks up for a team mate, admits wrong doing and helped canucks from becoming obsolete
-steve moore had it coming when he gave Markus Naslund a concussion

-Even if steve was hit "fairly" as
opposed to being hit from behind, Bertuzzi would still own his ass silly

-step down tyson, Bertuzzi can beat the shit out of anyone

-one of the few giants that can puck handle and score
dari Shitastic Senin, 27 Desember 2004
Similar to the Donkey Punch, however a broken neck is required and then after ejaculation, your entire hockey team must dog pile ontop of both of you. It is recommended, although not necessary, that the broken neck occur before the dog pile.
Aww man , he tried a donkey punch and gave her the Bertuzzi
dari Hash_ Minggu, 04 Desember 2005
To deliver a devastating cheap shot from behind.
I never could've beat that guy in a fair fight, so I Bertuzzied him instead. He's still in the hospital.
dari Specialist Selasa, 20 April 2004
To attack from behind
Watch your back. Don't wanna get Bertuzzied
dari Phil Tort Kamis, 11 Maret 2004
verb. a) To work with one hand/arm while simultaneously fending someone off with the other.

b) to almost kill someone
"I Bertuzzied Cheryl at work yesterday"
"You almost killed her?"
"No, I worked with one hand/arm while simultaneously fending her off with the other."
"Oh. You should go to jail."
dari aidan Kamis, 11 Maret 2004
to maul; take out
i got bertuzzied last night in the mosh pit.
dari reg Sabtu, 08 November 2003
Quite simply the best power forward in the game right now. He combines finesse with brute strength, and talent with grit. He's got it all, he can score or set up a pretty goal or lay a clean hit to change the momentum of a game and isn't afraid to crash the net.

He's a good guy with a family and kids that contributes to charity like all the Canucks, he stood up for his team mate, best friend and captain and made a mistake like all we all do; he has more than paid for his.

Any team would be lucky to have a player like Todd on their team. He's one of the most popular(he led all western conference vote getters for the 03/04 season) and hated players in the league (either jealous or afraid). Arguably one of the most exciting players as well; when he and linemate Naslund click, they're unstoppable.
I love Todd Bertuzzi, he's an amazing hockey player.
dari j0813 Senin, 21 Februari 2005

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