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putrid; grotesquely ugly or disturbing; vile smelling
goh! that's absolutely boggin!
dari Ilianivich Sabtu, 15 Maret 2003
a preliminary scottish word meaning to express dislike of a certain object or person
OMG!!! this fried mars bar is boggin
dari sassyscottishbiatch Selasa, 12 Mei 2009
1. The verb of bogger; to drive a mud bogger through mud.

2. Any reference to driving a truck in order to have a good time.
1. :What are you doing after school?
: I'm going boggin!

2. :Man, i just drove home from school going 130 k/h.
: Thats boggin!
dari nicebogger666 Minggu, 02 Mei 2010
bad tasting, disgusting
Those brussels sprouts taste f*ckin boggin'!!!
Excuse me sir, this caviar is boggin'
dari AndrewL Rabu, 12 September 2007
Scottish slang to describe something dirty or disgusting.
prounced "baw-gin" or "boah-gin"
"The smell comin' out the Ladies toilets in The Solid Rock Café is absolutly boggin', I nearly boaked ma dinner."
dari loobah Selasa, 16 Februari 2010
a word meaning RANK/mingin' also it sounds funny.
dari sazzzzzzzzzzza Rabu, 27 Agustus 2008
(v.) The act of doing or feeling like Mr. Boggs; chilling; relaxing; procrastinating; being sarcastic. Can not be spelled with a "g".
"Hey Grant, what's up?"
"Not much, Zoe. Just Boggin'.
dari lovelyheart Senin, 08 Maret 2010