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When you smoke so much pot through out your life that you become really stupid.

Synonym: Vegetable
Joe:Poor guy, he smoked way to much pot.
Bill:He's quite the vegetable.
Joe:Maybe we should wipe up the drool from his chin?
Bill:Naw,he is braindead,he will just keep drooling.
dari Roflmfaoamp Jum'at, 22 Mei 2009
16 19
A girl named Morgan.
Ryan: Hey Morgan, wanna go smoke a blunt with me and Cam?
Morgan: Yeah!
Cam: You got the blunt?
Ryan: Yeah man, let's go!
Morgan: Wait, what?
Cam: Morgan's fucking brain dead man.
Morgan: Who?
Cam: You.
Morgan: Oh.

Five minutes later

Morgan: Hey, wait, I'm not brain dead you asshole!
dari Rf3mZ Minggu, 10 Februari 2008
14 17
See Ukranian
dari God Loves Me......How \'bout you??? Minggu, 15 Juni 2003
10 30
A girl who either refuses to perform, who who is bad at, oral sex.
"Hey did you hook up with that one girl? I saw you two heading upstairs"
"Yeah, but it was barely worth it, all we did was kiss. She was totally brain dead.
dari Joe Gilpin Jum'at, 01 Februari 2008
4 38