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A ritual in which multiple negroes excitedly form a circle and proceed to perform a dance which is synonymous with the hit 2009 hip-hop song "You're a Jerk (I know)" by the New Boyz. Said dance called "the jerk" is performed at many parties and gatherings and street corners where the ratio of negroes to white men is greater than 4:1.
Regee: "Ay mayne you hittin' up dat circle jerk 2nite.

Winston: "I sincerely apologize, but I must decline for I am a caucasian male."

Regee:"Mayne, datz wak."
dari Sandman "Jedii Jerk" Jones Jum'at, 18 September 2009
there are many definitions of circle jerk, but one of the unknown ones is that a circle jerk is a man who finds a group of lesbians at a party or club, and watches them freak, and the guy jacks off and gets horny. (my friend told me about this one.)
i dont know wut to write for an
dari xX LiZZiE Xx Rabu, 25 Agustus 2004
a very good punk band
I saw The Circle Jerks last week
dari *<] : ) Jum'at, 20 Agustus 2004