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cumturd-noun:A byproduct of a male individual having unprotected sexual relations with his partner's rectum.The partner expells feces after the sex act and invaritably the "load" or semen left inside the small intestine encases the feacal matter in a slimy,gooey sack.This is the cumturd or cummy turd.
"OOOOOOH,dis bitch done went an' had sex wit hah butt;done frittered out a goddamn cumturd!!!"

"Richard,ride that pony and I'll plant a nice cumturd in your glory hole!"

"Oh sweet lord honey;I didn't know you were pregnant!""You was just fuckin' the wrong hole hubby-too-tubby;that's no mutant,it's a cumturd."
dari Rezzy2classy Minggu, 13 Agustus 2006

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