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A short, fat troll who always cries for no reason.
The music industry is being ruined by Dames like Lars Ulrich and Fred Durst.
dari Plushtar Selasa, 17 Februari 2004
16 36
dame is just another way to say damn.
god dame eli, <3z
dari elohel. Senin, 16 Mei 2011
13 71
Japanese word for "bad"
Dame desu... (Not good)
Dude, that anime is dame!
dari Kiyu Jum'at, 16 April 2004
57 118
Dame (Duh-Aim)

Dame Means Shit Or Damn Or Even Cool
"Dude My dad Died" - "dame"
"I got this sexy game yesterday" -"Dame"
I got to go to Dame Class"
dari DisBeWill Senin, 21 Maret 2005
22 151
another word synonomous to: receiving a blow job
yo, j bows, that girl is so ugly, i wouldn't cop dame with a bag over her head.
dari donald peterson Minggu, 01 April 2007
22 156
A skank, normally of the country type. Often comes from a low class part of town. Easily fucked by anything with 2-4 legs.
Look at that dame, I bet my dog got action from her
dari High Roller Senin, 07 April 2003
31 173