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to be brash and insensitive to another. to put your own interests above all else. to act like a penis.
matt bates matt bates matt bates
dari Mason Williams Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2004
106 23



A generic use of the proper word

adjective;A description of the improper use of the word (dick) acting as a dick would. ie: spouting or discharging grossly without thinking!
You said alot of things in your email that were very dickish!
dari chadakel Selasa, 29 Januari 2008
23 8
To act in such a way that confirms the popular presupposition that someone is a dick.

Dickish behaviour is synonymous with acting like a complete cunt.
I can't believe you stabbed my nan, that's pretty dickish man.
dari Norma Stits Senin, 03 Mei 2010
14 3
Someone who is being stubborn or very annoying.
Zoosie was are you being so dickish bout going to camp?
dari Daniel Maximillion Minggu, 11 Maret 2007
6 5
a bad thing that you do. As a result of doing a bad thing that causes you to be called a dick.
cheating on your girlfriend while she is on the same bed as you with some chick you dont even fancy while drunk is a dickish thing to do.
dari scuntic dan runtic Minggu, 27 April 2003
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An act of rudeness towards a person.

Used commonly to define an intentional act of rudeness.
Dude, that guy won't let me change lanes. What a dickish thing to do...
dari Bob_O Jum'at, 14 Agustus 2009
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1.) Describes behavior becoming a dick.

Dick - A noun meaning a stupid or worthless person (usually male).
example 1.) Aaron is being very dickish today.

example 2.) Aaron why are you behaving so dickishly ?
dari seananna Selasa, 15 Februari 2011
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