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Phrase used by east coast rappers Mobb Deep in a song of the same name. To drop a gem on someone is to out freestyle them, make a better beat than them, or have a better flow than them.
"Man, don't even front, I dropped a gem on you."
dari Wooten Senin, 12 Juli 2004

Kata-kata yang berkaitan dengan drop a gem on 'em

edification enlightenment front knowledge understanding wisdom
1. To give the truth about a matter.
2. To tell what really happened.
3. Sharing wisdom to the clueless.
4. Taking you to school
You think I'm ignorant because of the way I dress but let me drop a gem on 'em.
I have a P.H.D. in Medical.
This is the way I choose to dress on my off days, it has nothing to do with my intelligence.
dari GemsInfinite Selasa, 04 Mei 2010