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Someone who is fark-ing retarded.
George W. Bush is such a Farktard he thinks that the war in Iraq ended before it even began.
dari Lisa Smith Kamis, 06 Mei 2004
Somebody who uses memes from Fark. Derives from fucktard, similar to /b/tard.
"It's a TRAP!"

"Stop being such a farktard, you faggot. GTFO! Incidentally, XDD ROFL TEH CAEK IS A LIE LOL /PORTAL"

"Shove it up yo ass."
dari Max W. Gore Sabtu, 01 Maret 2008
anyone that uses the word dipshit
ryan cooper called him a dipshit
dari Anonymous Jum'at, 14 Februari 2003
Anyone Ryan Cooper considers a complete dumbass or dipshit

...or uses anal in phrases...
You're all farktards!
dari coopstain Jum'at, 14 Februari 2003