A radical feminist; a women who says she is a feminist but she thinks females are the superior sex. Most of them are extremely fat, and they hate men so much that they say they are completely useless. They say only men rape and women cannot rape. Most of them are on Tumblr. If you want an easy way to loose brain cells, go look at a feminazi's Tumblr.
Did you hear about that feminazi that who aborted her child because the baby was a boy?

What?! That's terrible! Who in the right mind would do that?!

A feminazi.
dari moogdk Rabu, 18 Maret 2015
An aggressive feminist who hates everyone & everything that doesn't sit within their ideology. A cunt.
That feminazi hates me because I like having doors opened for me by gentlemen.
dari Castle market Senin, 20 April 2015
A bitch that needs to be shot
Feminazi: nag nag nag nag
me: hi, your a bitch. Please shoot yourself
dari hugewang6969 Senin, 20 April 2015
a diehard feminist;

someone who advocates feminism to the point of sounding fanatical.
What is baffling about the Karva Chauth festival is that inspite of being a blatant re-assertion of traditional gender roles, it enjoys ecstatic patronage by many femi'nazis.

So what is it about Karva Chauth that causes even the garden-variety femi'nazis to kowtow such ?
dari planetpuja Kamis, 02 Oktober 2014
Extremist lunatic who gives feminism a bad name.

A few differences between a feminist and a feminazi:

* Feminist: Thinks "man and wife" should be changed to "husband and wife."
Feminazi: Thinks "Doberman" should be changed to "Doberperson."

* Feminist: Praises "Mulan" for it's strong female lead
Feminazi: Criticizes "Mulan" because when the heroine killed the bad guy and saved China, she was wearing a dress

* Feminist: Tries to put and end to the stereotypes and stigma surrounding single mothers
Feminazi: Tries to defend women like the Octomom

* Feminist: Hates men like Glen Beck, Rush Limbagh, and Rev. Phelps
Feminazi: Hates men
You have to be an approved member to post on our feminist blog. I had to make that rule because before, when just anyone could post, it got swarmed with crazy feminazis who made our site look stupid. It was really embarrassing.
dari Sally Shears Senin, 15 Desember 2014
Feminazi is a term used upon feminists who shouldn't be classes as feminists. In fact their not, they're classed as bitches or a feminazi. Feminism believes in equal rights, Feminazi believes in wanting an all female world where men get tortured for looking at attractive women.
Male: She has such a nice face don't you think?
Feminazi: So you're going to rape her, you disgusting male! Stop being attracted to the gender in which you're naturally attracted to you; filthy pervert.
Male: k
dari Mexican Cat Kamis, 27 November 2014
DIFFERENT FROM A FEMINIST. A feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for men, women, and everyone else in between. A feminazi believes that women and men should essentially switch places. Instead of fighting for equal rights, they fight to become the dominant sex. A feminist believes in equal rights. A feminazi is sexist.
Feminist: Hey, did you hear that Jim got that new promotion?
Other feminist: Oh, yeah! He totally deserved it, after working so hard on that project. You know, I just a pay raise! Feminism really is making some great strides in the workplace.

Feminist: Hey, did you hear that Jim got that new promotion?
dari A Bookworm Senin, 30 Maret 2015

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