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A definite and unmistakeable 'No'
Stevie : So are you goin to call the fat bird from that nightclub back for a shag then ?

Jon : Fuck That.


Girlfriend : Darling, Cuddles has ran out of catfood and he's hungry. I know its snowing babe but ive just done my hair, will you nip round the shop for some ?

Boyfriend : Fuck That.
dari gobshite Rabu, 02 Maret 2005
603 129
A phrase which means "no" or "I'm not doing that"
I say it way too much
Woman: Hey Derek, go pick up grandma from the airport!

Derek: Fuck that
dari Biddy Senin, 04 Juli 2005
211 45
To show someone you are completely against what has just been proposed.
Man 1 : Hey man , Rosie is having a couple people over tomorrow after school , wanna go ?

Man 2: Fuck that
dari thetster Minggu, 10 Mei 2009
190 74
when someone suggests an idea and you completely dismiss it because you don't feel like doing it
Person # 1: Can you go upstairs and get my phone for me?

Person # 2: Fuck that

Person # 1: Why don't you bang Chrissy man, she's on your dick!

Person # 2: Shes nasty FUCK THAT
dari mrhsuhy Jum'at, 09 April 2010
50 15
Means "Forget about that!".
Fuck that, I'm Swayze.
dari Fangsta Senin, 15 Desember 2003
91 74
Literally means: "thehellwith that"
Bob (mail clerk): Excuse me sir, sorry to bother you but we need more mini marshmallows...
...-Mr. Hardvark (CEO):FUCK THAT BOB! DAMN! -and get back to work!
dari Marvin J, Gerald Jum'at, 12 Januari 2007
34 31
A response to a loaded question that seeks to elicit an affirmative reply.
Q. Hey, Rodney, I'm having a couple of close friends over tomorrow for beer and pizza...and to castrate some bull calves...can I count on you to come? A. Fuck that.
dari harry flashman Jum'at, 04 Juli 2003
45 42